— Making of a blog with no backend —

11. May · Benjamin Kowalski

I just thought it would be interesting how this blog was created. From a technical perspective, it got no backend. The posts are written in a simple selfmade admin panel made with JS. It saves the data to Firebase.com, a backend as a service provider. After finishing a post, the HTML Pages are generated right in the same panel and uploaded to a S3 Instance as static files. Finally, the files are distributed over different servers via Cloudflare.com for having a snappy performance.

It\’s a really lightweight method to publish my posts. It was created in a single day. It has a nice performance. I have full control about the HTML. It#146;s safe since there#146;s no interactivity and no code on an own server. It#146;s a different approach — but I like it.

— Transmission started —

4. May · Benjamin Kowalski

Let’s start this blog. It’s not my first one about things I’m stoked about — but hopefully the last. I’ll babble mostly about frontend related stuff like UX, HTML5, CSS, JS, no-Backend, own projects and links worth spreading!